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  • What kind of foam is used in your mattress?
    We use a combination of proprietary memory foams and responsive foams to create a universally comfortable feel with a top layer of memory foam, a second and third layer of convoluted foam that adds just the right amount of bounce and support. We decided to use memory foam as the top comfort layer because it provides greater pressure relief, more conforming support and provides superior spinal alignment which is paramount to helping your body recover. Memory foam also significantly reduces motion transfer, meaning you won’t be disturbing your partner during sleep.
  • Does this mattress sleep hot?
    No! The mattress cover is made of knit fabric, which absorbs moisture, dries quickly, and helps the body breathe. Inside the mattress, the 7 inches Convoluted Foam keeps the air flowing, ensures sleeping in a thermal comfort zone.
  • Is it possible to adjust the height of my pillow?
    Yes, if you choose our Cool and Warm Reversible Pillow, it comes with a small foam bag, so removable outer cover allows you to adjust the loft of your pillow by adding or removing pieces of shredded memory foam to get the thickness you desire.
  • Do I need to fluff the pillow after unboxing?
    Yes, you do need to fluff the pillow! In fact, it’s best to fluff it often (daily, if possible) to keep your pillow looking and feeling fresh. We designed it to be easily revived with a quick fluff. While most pillows are filled with batting or garnetted fiber that tends to bunch or clump, each fiber cluster in the Bedstory pillow is individually blown into it. This advanced process keeps the fill from bunching and also allows it to be easily rejuvenated. If you neglect to fluff regularly, your pillow may compress and flatten over time, but it will always bounce back with a little love.
  • Does the mattress have a smell?
    No! Unlike other Memory Foam Mattress, Maxzzz Lavender Memory Foam Mattress comes with sweet scent due to the Lavender essential we infused. Lavender is a natural air purifier and also relieves stress, science has proved this. And this is the key point to improve sleeping quality.
  • How firm is the Maxzzz Lavender Memory foam Mattress?
    Maxzzz mattresses offer maximum comfort at a balanced firmness and softness. Constructed with 2.5 inches Pure Memory Foam Layer,7 inches Air-Circulation Foam Layer,2 inches High-density Support Foam Layer inside the mattress. This ergonomic design enables the mattress to mold to the sleeper\'s natural shape and keeps you cool while you sleep.
  • Can I specify a delivery date?
    Our express delivery mainly comes from third parties, we can’t 100% guarantee that your order will be delivered on a specific date – especially the weather or other elements will impact your order delay.
  • How can I get service directly through Maxzzz?
    If you have any questions from Maxzzz, you can contact us through:
Maxzzz Support
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